Sourdough Bakery

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It is quite difficult to find sourdough bakery these days. Well, have you ever tasted sourdough bread? For those who have, would know the authentication of its taste. Basically it is a type of bread made without using commercial yeast.

The preparation of sourdough bread involves something called as a starter culture. The sourdough bakery mixes equal portions of flour and water in a glass container with a secure lid and leaves it in a warm place to ferment. The fermentation usually lasts for about a week, however, the mixture needs to be fed with fresh flour and water each day.

The dough is ready after it has doubled in volume and looks bubbly with a distinctive acidic aroma. On the seventh day, the starter is ready and the bakery will be able to bake the sourdough bread using the starter. The process is so simple that you can even make it by yourself. But if you have a tea party or need bread in bulk, it is always recommended that you buy it from a wholesale bakery.

There are several wholesale bakeries in Melbourne that provide you with fresh products and a variety of breads. However, there are not many sourdough bakeries in Melbourne. If you want to find some authentic and tasty sourdough bread in Melbourne, try surfing the internet. You might come across a few good bakeries providing exactly what you are looking for.

Make sure that the bakery you choose is authentic and uses high quality products to make the products it sells.
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